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Executive Producer: Mackie

Executive Story Editor: Susan Williams

    Assemble the Production Schedule for the Virtual Season. Will work closely with authors to stave off problems at the earliest possible point in episode development. Submit regular updates to the TSVirtual List and the Staff, help keep the website Production Schedule current. Prepare and maintain the Writer's Guide.

Associate Producer: Eddie Travers (Wnnepooh)

    Works closely with the Executive Story Editors to help with the layout of an episode (storyboarding). Helps authors organize their episodes into scenes and acts, identifies scenes that need fleshing out to maintain the flow of the story.

Story Editors: CarolROI, Lois Balzer, LoriJ, Sue Wells

    Help out with any of the above duties as needed, read final versions for continuity. While the final version should come to us already fully beta'd, Story Editors will also serve in that capacity if required. Will work with authors to insert continuity and arc requirements as outlined by the Executive Story Editors.

Continuity Editor: Wildeskind

    Maintains the Virtual Bible of 'fancan,' both major and minor. Keeps a timeline to insure accurate progression of the episodes (month or season of the year). Keeps track of owies, both to characters and inanimate objects, to avoid subjecting any one person or piece of property to repetitive injury (Blairpain junkies take heed!). We are all responsible for noting fancan, but the Continuity Editor will maintain the actual list, answer questions, and keep the website information current.

Chief Graphic Designer: Jane (Hephaistos)

    In charge of the website. Responsible for formatting and posting each new episode, and moving old episodes into the archive. Will create opening titles sequence for new episodes, maintain visual consistency and ease of navigation throughout the site. Posts updates from Production Staff as needed.

Art Director: Shay Matthews

    Solicit and field artwork submissions. We hope to rotate artwork and artists on a weekly basis, with links to their websites if available.

Director of Photography/Sound Editor: Steffi

    Source for many of the great screen grabs appearing at Faux Paws Productions. Also supplies sounds as needed.

Executive in Charge of Advertising: Mrs. Fish

    Selects, coordinates, creates, and maintains a record of the hundreds of commercials and ads no syndicated show can be without! Solicits advertising from outside sources.

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