This Week's Episode

Trust, Part One
(Season Finale)
by Sue Pokorny

Detective James Ellison Jim Richard Burgi
Detective Blair Sandburg Blair Garett Maggart
Captain Simon Banks Simon Bruce A. Young
Captain Joel Taggart Joel Ken Earl

A Waitress
Jennifer Conroy (A Beautiful Woman)
Brenda Jamison (Jennifer's Roommate)
Special Agent Martinez
Agent Carter
Cosgrove (A Guy)
Jack Kelso (Blair's Friend and CIA Expert)
A Surprise Villain
Moi (A Chopec Tribesman)
Assorted Ruffians and Nefarious Associates

PantherJim goes on a date and stays out past his bedtime, Blair hitches a ride and gets lost, and Simon may have to change his name to Benedict Arnold. Who's behind the plot to destroy Cascade's finest?

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