This Week's Episode

The Kindness of Strangers
by Hephaistos and Linda S. Maclaren (Mackie)

Detective James Ellison Jim Richard Burgi
Detective Blair Sandburg Blair Garett Maggart
Captain Simon Banks Simon Bruce A. Young
Detective Ray Van Rafe Rafe Ryf Van Rij

Dr. Ezra Deerfield (Retired)
Minnie Deerfield (Ezra's Wife)
Buster Corelli (A Really, Really, Really Bad Guy)
Bobby, Curt, Bubba, and Bruce (Corelli's Men)
Deputy Sheriff Aaron Madden
Sheriff Resendez
Dr. Cade (Not Retired)
Various Deputy Sheriffs
Various Search and Rescue Personnel

Cold and WetEvery season must have its obligatory 'In the Woods' episode. This is ours.

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