This Week's Episode

Speak No Evil
by Eddie

Detective James Ellison Jim Richard Burgi
Detective Blair Sandburg Blair Garett Maggart
Captain Simon Banks Simon Bruce A. Young
Inspector Megan Connor Megan Anna Galvin
Captain Joel Taggart Joel Ken Earl
Detective Henri Brown Henri Henri Brown
Detective Ray Van Rafe Rafe Ryf Van Rij
Rhonda Rhonda Kendall Cross

Joey Halliday Joey Haley Joel Osment
Julia Halliday (Joey's Mother)
Lt. George Holland (Juvenile/Social Services)
Pasquale DiSabitino (Suspicious Local Businessman)
Joey "Fins" Fiorelli (Pasquale's Accountant and Friend)
Tony Corrozzi (One of DiSabitino's 'Associates')
Nina Durantte (TV Reporter)
Jax and Dom (Tony's Goons)

Haley Joel OsmentJim and Blair protect a murder witness -- a small boy with autism who seems to have a lot in common with Jim.

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