This Week's Episode

Vegas in Cascade
by Brenda Bailey

Detective James Ellison Jim Richard Burgi
Detective Blair Sandburg Blair Garett Maggart
Captain Simon Banks Simon Bruce A. Young
Captain Joel Taggart Joel Ken Earl
Detective Henri Brown Henri Henri Brown
Detective Ray Van Rafe Rafe Ryf Van Rij

Elliot Morehouse Stewart (Current Washington State Senator and Millionaire)
Jason Butler (The Senator's Campaign Manager for Re-Election Campaign)
Michael Swim (A Man of Many Names and Professions)
Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe (Associates of Mr. Swim)
Maggie (The Senator's Ever-Faithful Secretary)
Chief of Police Williams (Who Has a Lot to Say, But None of It Coherent)
Harry Price (Smalltime Thief with Delusions of Grandeur)
Jocko (A Man Who Likes to Make Things Go Boom)
Artie and Cark (Big Men with Small Brains)

Dressed UpA state Senator is planning a 'Vegas in Cascade' night at the local Performing Arts Center. It's going to be a high-profile event with private security, but Jim and Blair end up as guests. Two separate groups of criminals plan to rip-off the proceeds, resulting in mass confusion.

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