This Week's Episode

Amateur Night
by Nickerbits and Chaz

Detective James Ellison Jim Richard Burgi
Detective Blair Sandburg Blair Garett Maggart
Captain Simon Banks Simon Bruce A. Young
Detective Henri Brown Henri Henri Brown
Detective Ray Van Rafe Rafe Ryf Van Rij
Rhonda Rhonda Kendall Cross

Dr. Dean Warner (Research Scientist, Rainier Laboratory)
Dr. Teresa Grose (Research Scientist, Rainier Laboratory)
Jack Nickell (Grad Student, Inept Criminal Mastermind)
Tony Armstrong (Grad Student, Inept Criminal)
Bob Coulter (Grad Student, Inept Criminal)
Mitchell Travis (Grad Student, Employee of Rainier Theater Department)
Albert Stanley (Head of Rainier Theater Department)
Jessica Plummer (Jim's Ex-Wife's (Carolyn's) 8-Year-Old Niece)
Michael Plummer (Jessica's Father)
Stella Hawthorne (Jessica's Fourth Grade Teacher)
Rick Winston (Rainier Campus Security Officer)
Howard Tan (Rainier Campus Security Officer)
Jacob Knoll (Rainier Campus Security Officer)
Molly Carnes (Rainier Campus Security Officer)
Randy, Sally, Cathy, Justin, and Christopher (Jessica's 4th Grade Class)

BreakfastBlair agrees to help Jim's niece organize the Holiday Pageant at her school. Bad guys take over the auditorium to retrieve something inadvertently left there.

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