This Week's Episode

Following the Wolf
by Susan L. Williams

Detective James Ellison Jim Richard Burgi
Police Consultant Blair Sandburg Blair Garett Maggart
Captain Simon Banks Simon Bruce A. Young

Ed Bryce (Slimy Artifact Smuggler)
Tony Carreno (Slimy Artifact Smuggler)
Aurelio Ribera (Young Sierra Verdean Police Officer)
Captain Sedillo (Sierra Verdean Police Captain)
Sierra Verdean Police Officer One
Sierra Verdean Police Officer Two
Siberian Shaman
Cheyenne Shaman
Scarf Woman (Shaman/Priestess of Oshun)
Aboriginal Shaman
Chinese Shaman

The JungleBlair returns to Sierra Verde in an effort to find some spiritual answers after the recent upheaval in his life.

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