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The idea of a virtual season -- a series of loosely connected stories by various writers continuing beyond the aired episodes -- is nothing new. Several sites already exist in other fandoms. It was proposed to The Sentinel fandom before this, but perhaps the timing wasn't quite right to undertake such an endeavor.

A small listgroup consisting of writers and other creative people exists to define an overview of the goals for each of our virtual seasons. List membership is kept small but diverse so we can discuss a multitude of ideas without becoming bogged down by too much debate. While not meaning to slight lurkers in any way, our list has been limited to active participants. This should help lessen the chance of "episode spoilers." Although some spoilers are inevitable because our Writer's Guide has to supply certain current season fancan (or 'virtual canon') to aid the writers, we don't want to give away all the surprises we have in store!

Last, but certainly not least, we want to encourage participation from everyone in the fandom -- your ideas, gripes, and hopes about what you'd like to see in each of our Virtual Seasons. We crave freelance writers to submit their story ideas and secure a production slot, and would love to have artists offer to showcase one of their works on our page for 'Tonight's Episode.'

Virtual seasons can not succeed without the participation and support of everyone in this fandom. Please write us with your suggestions!

Thank you,
The Creative Staff of Faux Paws Productions


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